Most people choose to renovate so they can increase the value and efficiency of their home. Naturally, the living falls way down to the bottom of the list in things to renovate. Unless your home’s layout is incredibly problematic (believe us, it is possible), you might think, slap a coat of paint on it and that’s all I can do, right? Wrong. You’re not likely to spend tens of thousands of dollars you normally would on a major home renovation like in the kitchen or bathroom. So if your living space could use a facelift, and you’re not looking to take out a home equity loan, try any of these popular design trends for your living room.

Statement Furniture

You may have felt the shift in bold and progressive policies and ideals sweeping our nation. Well, bold isn’t just for politics. Make a unique statement with a bold new couch or chaise. Indulge a little with a tufted velvet couch in a rich jewel tone to bring some drama to your living room. Draw attention to the center of your space with a decadent marble coffee table.

Statement Plants

You can never be too extra. Statement pieces aren’t just for furniture. Large statement plants, like Elephant Ear or Monstera (Swiss Cheese) plants with their large and luxurious leaves at the end of a couch or chair will not only add a little life to you room, it’ll do it in a big way. A complex twisting on lucky bamboo in the right planter will bring you joy and good fortune. Plants also have the added benefit of improving the air quality of your room. Just be sure to get the right kind of plant for the right kind of lighting.

Artisanal Fixtures

Also in line with politics, there’s a shift to support more local and small businesses. This can be done in your living room by curating a custom made piece by artists local to your area. Rather than have a living room that looks like any old IKEA showroom, you can create a truly unique space that encapsulates your personal style and directly supporting your community.

Floral Patterns

As if a velvet couch wasn’t a deep enough dive into the land of rich texture, floral patterns are making a huge comeback as well, harkening back to a retro 70s vibe. Whether you choose curtains, a funky wallpaper for an accent wall, or adorn your new velvet couch with bold patterned pillows, be sure to draw from nature for inspiration.

Geometric Patterns

If you want something eye catching, but floral prints simply aren’t your thing, opt for the complexities of geometric patterns in your design. This can be wallpapers or artwork. Even the type of lighting fixtures you choose can draw their inspiration from geometry.

Pick The Perfect Pallette

Not every color pallette is meant for every person. You’ve got your rustics, bohemians, and minimalists to name a few styles. Serve up some sophistication with a black and white scheme, like the furniture embodiment of Moira Rose. If color is really your thing rich and bold hues are coming in strong, whether they be gorgeous jewel tones or fierce and engaging red, make it count and don’t be shy. If you land between the stark black and white template and the bold, rich color tones, Millennial Pink might be where you wind up.

Trends do come and go, but there’s something out there for everyone. These are just a few of the ways you can bring your living room into the now. Whether you go big and bold or stick to the minimalist, it’s all about making a statement, a statement that is a reflection of you and the things that bring you joy.