How can anyone do that? Laundry is the bane of everyone’s existence. You’re probably sitting next to a pile of unfolded clothes right now while you read this. Those memes about it being the adult version of The Neverending Story are completely legit.That’s still no reason you shouldn’t update your laundry situation. In fact, that’s every reason to turn it into a haven of happiness and harmony. Turn your laundry room into something special with any of these ideas.

Movin’ On Up

The location of your laundry room can be the difference between moods and mindset where this unstoppable task is concerned. For some, the basement is prime realty because it’s at least out of the way – most importantly out of site from guests. For others, having it upstairs where all the action is makes it easy to load, switch over, or unload between tenging to other tasks. There’s even occasion for having your laundry room upstairs on the second floor. Wherever is convenient for you and your family is what truly matters. Easier access usually means it’s less of a chore because you don’t have to go out of your way to get it done.


What’s better than a multi-purpose tool or gadget? Like, when you find a clutch that also has cleverly hidden attachments for a strap? Or who could forget the Swiss Army Knife? Turning your laundry room into a multi-functional room is an awesome way to capitalize on space, especially if you don’t have much. Combine your laundry room with an En Suite; all the plumbing in one place. Plus, extra toilet! Mudroom/Laundry rooms are another very popular combination as they’re an easy place to drop all your things without tracking mud and dirt into the rest of the house. Pantry and Laundry come together nicely in an offshoot from the kitchen.


You’ve probably spent some time while folding clothes mulling over ways to make this part of your life easier. If you’re renovating your laundry room, why not put in all the bells and whistles you always wanted? An ironing board that folds out from the wall and also doubles as a folding table provides you with two laundry necessities without taking up floor space.

If space isn’t an issue, counters for folding are the perfect fit. Leave the space underneath open and store a multi-bin laundry hamper that can sort your clothes as they get used. Add a little curtain rod and a bold floral print to mask your hampers while keeping them easily accessible and adding a little decorative flair.

For your more delicate clothing needs, install a collapsable drying rack to the wall. Or install a clothes rod above your folding station for air dry only clothes. Storage for all your laundry products can be hung above your machines on shelves or kept inside cabinets that bookend your washer and dryer. A work sink for tough stains and hand washables is a must.


If you choose to go the multi-purpose room route and guests are liable to walk through or use this room, you can easily mask your machines with sliding french doors. But even if it’s a standalone laundry room, that doesn’t mean you paint it a color and call it good. Make those personal touches; silk flowers in a glass vase, decorative bins for laundry supplies, curtains for masking, and family photos. Do what you need to make this room fun and appealing to be in. Color schemes are wide open. Blues and purples are calming and peaceful colors. Greens, reds, oranges, and yellows give off energizing and tantalizing vibes. Mute your colors or go big and vibrant.

Make this room a room you enjoy. The task at hand is never going to get any better or be any less tedious. But having a room that has life and vitality will make it less mundane and boring.